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Diet books at Amazon - tons of fab dieting books

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Low Carb Diet Shop

LOW CARB DIET SHOP - UK For everything a dieter needs!

- Its marked as Lo Carb on the left hand menu!

Everything you need to make your lo carbohydrate diet a success, including lo carb chocolates, bread, mixes, sweets and even muffins that are too good to be true!

one of the 8 categories of lo carb foods.

Some staple baked foods to give your Dr Atkins some variety. We have bread and muffin mixes! You can even make cookies!
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Chocolate and sweets
Now you can indulge in your favourite treats without the guilt thanks to our sugar free, carbohydrate friendly confectionary! Includes chocolate bars, butter toffees and even boxes of chocolates
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Drinks and shakes
We have shakes and even hot chocolate to make breakfast that bit easier or to fill that gap during the evening
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Low Carb Books
Low carb diet books including Dr Charkes Clark and Dr Atkins
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Low Carb Dieting Packs
Packs to make your dieting easier including Deluxe Dr Atkins Packs and weekly food packs
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Low Carb Supplements and Aids
Everything you need to help make the most of your Dr Atkins Diet including chromium, chewing gum and supplements
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Main Meals
Some main meals to spice up your Dr Atkins diet including soups, pasta and omelettes
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Snacks and desserts
Want something to fill the gap or finish off a meal. Here it is - puddings, bars, biscuits and fabulous crunchy savoury snacks
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Download our new Low Carb Frequently Asked Questions document, which you can print out and keep.


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